MISSING of INTEREST : Jacqueline McLain (Evelyn), 71, Possibly suffering with Alzheimer’s, PORTLAND, Oregon area -

MISSING of INTEREST : Police seek your help with locating Jacqueline McLain (Evelyn), 71, PORTLAND, Oregon area

Jacqueline McLain (Evelyn), 71 MISSING

Posted 24 May, 2013

PORTLAND, Oregon - Police in Portland ask for the public's help in locating the whereabouts of Jacqueline McLain, age 71, who went missing on or about Monday, the 20th of May, 2013. She also goes by the first name of Evelyn, and is 5-foot-2 and 120 lbs. She has curly blonde hair and blue eyes.

She may be suffering from Alzheimer’s, and according to her adult children who reside out of state, she normally stays in constant contact with them.

Sgt. Pete Simpson with Portland police expressed her children reported her MISSING after loosing contact with her over a few days.

Police showed up to McLain’s home about the 2400 block of Northwest Irving to check up on her, but she wasn’t home, Simpson said. Officers found no evidence of foul play.

It was not known if she left home with other(s), on foot, another form of transportation or by her car. Her vehicle is beige 1997 Lexus EX300 sedan with Oregon plates. Upon searching, police didn't find her auto in the neighborhood.

Anyone who has information about McLain was asked to call 9-1-1., or the police bureau’s Missing Persons Unit at 501-823-0446.

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Michael Love, IIO

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Missing 71-Year-Old Woman with Possible Alzheimer's - Police Seek Public's Help

May 23, 2013 20:40

On May 23, 2013, 71-year-old Jacqueline McLain was reported missing to the Portland Police Bureau by her adult children, who are out-of-state. McLain has not been seen or heard from since Monday, May 20, 2013, which was described as being highly out of character for her, as she usually has daily contact with family members. 

McLain lives in the 2400 block of Northwest Irving Street, where Central Precinct officers responded today to check her welfare. They did not locate her, and found no evidence of foul play inside her apartment. It is unknown if she left home on foot, or may have last been driving, as officers were unable to locate her car in the neighborhood. 

McLain is described as a white female, 71 years old, 5'2", 120 pounds, with curly, collar-length blonde hair and blue eyes. No clothing description is available. Family members advised she may also go by the first name Evelyn. 

McLain's vehicle is described as a 1997 Lexus ES300 4-door sedan, beige in color, with a beige interior. It may have a GPS unit affixed to the front windshield. No license plate information is available at this time, other than it had Oregon plates. 

Anyone with information about McLain's current whereabouts is asked to call 9-1-1. Anyone with additional information about this case is asked to contact Detective Mike Weinstein, Missing Persons Unit, at (503) 823-0446 or

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Public Information Officer:
Sgt. Pete Simpson
Desk: 503-823-0830
Pager: 503-790-1779

Alternate PIO:
Lt. Mike Marshman
Desk: 503-823-0010
Pager: 503-790-1779

Portland Police Bureau
1111 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 1526
Portland, Oregon 97204

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