Alert: Julianna M. Winsor preys on others while posing with religious convictions -

Alert: Julianna M. Winsor preys on others while posing with religious convictions

ALERT: Julianna ( Julie ) M. Winsor of 711 East Main Street, Apt. B-8, Torrington, Conn. 0690 floats around Eastern States and as far away as Tennessee preying on people in need. She frequents religious places of business promoting herself as some sort of real religious person, but ... 
Julianna ( Julie ) M. Winsor apt. building at 711 East Main Street, Apt. B-8, Torrington, Conn. 0690
The only trouble may be that Julianna ( Julie ) M. Winsor appears to of been classed as mentally Corrupt via a Buffalo, NY Psychiatric Center and/or Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Torrington, Conn. Julianna ( Julie ) M. Winsor appears to put people in harms way. 

Martha E. Winsor of 33 Woodruff Ln, Apt 19, Litchfield, Conn. 06759-3524, her mother & Conservatrix of the Estate of Julianna M. Winsor. has shown to have no problem with covering-up for any evil Julianna M. Winsor does unto another. Martha E. Winsor has openly deceived and took part in the harm of Julianna M. Winsor.

Could Julianna M. Winsor be another Colorado theater and/or Newton, Conn. type criminal in the making? Professionals know of her assaults, evil behavior and more, yet want to remain blind such as in the case of Ronald A. DeNuzzo with the Conn. States Attorney's Office. 

Is he a friend of the family and willing to take part in cover-up?
Ronald A. DeNuzzo getting into a vehicle "We the People" allow him to use for the "We the People", but does he do his job?

She recently brought a man from Ahavat Yeshua Congregation in D.C. with the knowledge of: Elder Ralph Finley and Elder Marcellus Powell hundreds of miles away for work. The work never existed! The man was left as a hostage. Ahavat Yeshua Congregation in D.C. showed no concern for this man now that he was away.
Elder Ralph Finley
Elder Marcellus Powell

Julianna ( Julie ) M. Winsor used trickery with organizing of work constructing a miniature village for The Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, 74 West Main Street - P.O. Box 1670, Waterbury, Connecticut  06702; (203) 574-0017, E-mail :
Julianna ( Julie ) M. Winsor doesn't have the authority to give the work for any project that the above mentioned church may or may not be involved in and/or with.                         

Julianna M. Winsor then tried forcing the man into working for a negro man - E.J. Little - who hates whites and wanted to force him to work for $1.25 an hour operating a backhoe and other manual labor. as well as, specialized work requiring expertise that he has. Mr. Little claims himself to be a practicing "christian" and that whites owe him for the whole "slavery" issue.

Also, more deception by Julianna M. Winsor concerning work that was never there.
Are her intentions actually harmless, or is there more to Julianna M. Winsor's deception? 

Julianna (Julie) M. Winsor uses as a hiding place, and means of making funds, the residence of an Aaron Goldberg, 40 Longlane Rd, West Hartford, CT 06117-1924; (860) 236-467.Said to be associated with the insurance industry, but this may not be factual due to its source was Julianna M. Winsor.

Places she has been known to go with possibly having intentions of harmful intentions, yet being masked as good intentions are:

First Assembly of God • Torrington, CT • 860-482-7464




Embassy Church, 3855 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, DC 20016 : (202) 363-4090


  This list is being added to as information comes our way, so please keep checking back to stay updated.
Julianna M. Winsor has means to travel & deceive others.
Pray for this Corrupt person & those who cover-up and/or support her evils.

BE AWARE & Hide the children!

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