Sgt. Joel Mann, in Riot Gear, of Tucson Police Brutally attacks Female Coed, FBI investigating [VIDEO/Pic] -


Thefaces to come: The New CapiFacist Police State to rule you for their lords!

The militarization of police in the US has sworn "Protect and Serve" officers thinking that they are not only above the "Rule of Law", but can get away with bodily harm, up to and including murder.

The instances of police overstepping their grounds has increased since police have been given more grounds and latitude with use of force and deceit. It is difficult to catch police in their wrong doing(s) unless you stand guard and are ready at a moments notice with some sort of actually capturing device such as a camera or audio devise.

They work for you, not just the CapiFacist masters they are brainwashed into believing they are slaves to. Keep reminding them of that with capturing them in everything they do!

Mikhael Love, IIO

Citizen beater Sgt. Joel Mann dressed in protection and BULLYING others

Tucson Police Release Body-Worn Cam Footage Of Sick, Coed-Attacking Cop [VIDEO]

 1:02 PM 07/05/2014

The police department in Tucson, Ariz. has released raw video footage from the camera police officer Joel Mann was wearing when he brutally pummeled a female student who was walking innocuously just off the campus of the University of Arizona.

The newly-released footage – and other, cell phone-taken video of the same incident from a different perspective – was taken on Saturday, March 29. Tucson police had deployed in full pseudo-military riot gear in case students and fans damaged any property after the Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball team lost an overtime thriller to the Wisconsin Badgers. (VIDEO: TYRANNY IN TUCSON: Cop In Riot Gear Brutally Attacks Innocent Girl)

The police department has also released an inquiry board’s review of police actions that Saturday night, reports local ABC affiliate KGUN.

The review strongly criticizes the rogue cop’s actions. It also notes that the FBI is investigating Mann for possible civil rights violations.

In the frightening video, Mann (wearing a a helmet and face shield) comes out of absolutely nowhere and violently pushes student Christina Gardilcic over a metal frame. She is smashed head over heels to the ground.

Gardilcic had neither a helmet nor a face shield. She was wearing shorts.

Turns out, Mann’s body-worn camera shows that the brutal cop was involved in a similar incident where he attacked a defenseless woman just eight minutes earlier.

In the earlier incident, the sergeant with 18 years of experience yells “move” several times to no one in particular. Then, he violently shoves a woman into a man sitting in a chair.

The man asks, “Can we get up?” Then, Mann pushes him.

“The board determined that Sgt. Joel Mann’s use of force of three individuals during two separate incidents was inappropriate,” the Tucson police report states. “And should be referred to his chain of command for review of potential policy violations and dispositions.”

Tucson’s police department had previously reassigned Mann after a large number of anonymous threats were made against him. (RELATED: Tucson Cop Who Randomly Slammed Woman To The Ground Not So Tough After Receiving Threats)

In their report, investigators lauded the police “overall” for choosing to bring an army of cops in riot gear to a post-bar scene in a college town because  ”the crowd was dispersed in a fairly short time frame with no significant injury or property damage.”

The police department did spend over $95,000 preparing for and combating a riot that never happened, according to KGUN.

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