CORRUPTION of INTEREST: Senate race; Obama aka Soetoro; judge not ... -

Click the links below to know about just a small number of stories involving "Corruption" which, now, seems to be the norm for everyday life.

You though, don't have to be as them.
You can resist!
You can be clean!


Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro


Judge John C. Murphy, a judge in Brevard County, Florida

Soon exposure of horrible treatment, abuses, theft - over $190,000 coveted, loss and near loss of life will be shared on how Jefferson County & Dandridge, TN's so-called legal system uses their form of pagan driven "Christianity" to rule others into submission or else.

What say you:

Richard J. & Shirley (Carmel) Griffin;
Alfred Ben Strand aka judge ruins lives & unrepentant deacon -some "Version" of mans' religion;
Scott Shafer - dealer of Tarr Chevrolet & overall nasty being;
Bill Tarr;
Tony White - salesman at Tarr Chevrolet;
Many Jefferson County, TN "Protect & Serve" officials;
Hobart & Bonnie Rice;
 Gregory V. Houston: Department of State Security Officer;
Carolyn L. Turpin, Department of State;
Numerous mans' version of religion church businesses ...

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