Iglu-Dorf Hotel in Switzerland gives guests a chilly stay, but with a difference -

Iglu-Dorf Hotel in Switzerland gives guests a chilly stay, but with a difference -

Michael Love, IIO
28 January, 2013

If you have ever played outside in the snow during the freezing days of winter and better yet, been fortunate enough to go on a winter ski/snow boarding trip, then you know that after a day of activities outside you are ready for the warmth of the inside.

Well, time to rethink when booking into a the Iglu-Dorf hotel in Davos, Switzerland. I remember enjoying the days of winter while growing up, and there came a time when warmth was definitely sought out. At the Iglu-Dorf, when the weather outside hovers below freezing, you can seek warmth inside this very interesting hotel, but please no fires. The reason being is that the whole hotel is made of frozen water. Yes, frozen water, and an open fire would melt your surroundings.

Rooms are kept at a constant 32 degrees, so maybe packing the wooly, winter sleep wear might be in order. A nights stay ranges between $170.00 to $580.00 per room. Yes, there are rooms!

The Iglu-Dorf hotel in Davos, Switzerland is one of seven which exist throughout Europe. Snowboarders and skiers alike who journey about Europe taking in the winter life can stay at any one of them provided temperatures don't heat up drastically. 

In the video below it is stated that it takes 10 builders and two artist 2,700 hours to create each of these unusual hotels. The annual cost of constructing each hotel has a price tag of $107,000.00 at the time of this article.

But wait, there is warmth in this chilly story. The annual income is a "HOT" $3.2 million. Now, how's that for taking profit out of a frozen business venture?

Do you think the the Iglu-Dorf hotel might make its way into a James Bond movie?

In any case, Iglu-Dorf hotel makes its way into our Area(s) and/or Place(s) "of INTEREST"!?

More about Davos, Switzerland. 

Below is a video via Bloomburg Businessweek which details this hotel "of INTEREST"!?

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