Roman Catholic priest, Kevin Wallin aka "Monsignor Meth", abuses position of trust (Drugs, Porn, Sex ...) (Pics/VIDEO) -

Connecticut Roman Catholic priest, Kevin Wallin aka "Monsignor Meth"

Roman Catholic priest, Kevin Wallin aka "Monsignor Meth", abuses position of trust (Drugs, Porn, Sex ...) (Pics/VIDEO)

When will humans realize that man's religion - Catholicism and others - are tainted?

Catholics aren't the only ones Corrupting people and societies. What we seem to fail to address is that each one of us are responsible for each other and our own selves. People such as Kevin Wallin , politicians, business owners, sports figures, actors, mentors, teachers, authority figures ..., are not anything more than human beings. To be willing to ignore and/or not stay attentive that they also can be of wrongs, is just plain ignorance. It is society that puts others on higher pedestals which has many willing to look, but be with blind eyes; hear, but fail to listen; be attentive, yet be willing to ignore.

Below are a with few articles, beginning with the most recent one, relating to Kevin Wallin who is just another person who abused trust.

Follow along asking yourself questions relating to this "Person of INTEREST"!?

Why was he given a public attorney when he may very well be hiding a load of cash somewhere?

Who has he abused and/or hurt?

How is he being made to bring whole those he DID harm?

Who, what ...?

Michael Love, IIO


"Monsignor Meth" pleads guilty to dealing more than $300,000-worth of the drug and makes a deal to spend more than a decade behind bars

  • Concerns for Monsignor Kevin Wallin grew before he left post
  • Suspended by church because of alleged sexual activities
  • Priest accused of making more than $300,000 by dealing crystal meth

A suspended Roman Catholic priest accused of making more than $300,000 in methamphetamine sales out of his Connecticut apartment while running an adult video and sex toy shop pleaded guilty Tuesday to a federal drug charge.

Kevin Wallin, 61, of Waterbury, admitted to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine and was scheduled to be sentenced June 25. Both sides agreed on a sentence of 11 to 14 years in prison.

Prosecutors said the 61-year-old Wallin had meth mailed to him from co-conspirators in California and sold the drugs out of his Waterbury apartment last year. 

Concerns: Former colleagues of Monsignor Kevin Wallin have said he was struggling with his faith before his fall from grace
He also bought an adult video and sex toy shop in North Haven named Land of Oz & Dorothy's Place, apparently to launder the drug money, authorities said.

Wearing a beige prison jumpsuit and sporting a goatee and close-cropped hair, Wallin acknowledged in court that the drug operation involved nearly four pounds of methamphetamine. 

He said 'yes' several times as the judge asked whether he understood the consequences of his plea.

Wallin, former pastor at St. Augustine Parish in Bridgeport, appeared to have no supporters in the courtroom. He was led out of the room in handcuffs and remains detained.

Charges against four other people arrested in the case are pending.

"We're glad to have resolved this part of the case,' Connecticut U.S. Attorney David B. Fein said outside the courtroom. 'It's a serious conspiracy charge involving a very dangerous drug."

Trusted: Msgr Wallin served as the pastor at St. Augustine's in Bridgeport for nine years before taking a sabbatical in 2011 for health and personal reasons
Wallin's public defender, Kelly Barrett, declined to comment.

Dubbed in some media as 'Monsignor Meth,' Wallin was pastor of St. Augustine Parish for nine years until he resigned in June 2011, citing health and personal reasons. 

He previously served six years as pastor of St. Peter's Church in Danbury until 2002.

'Monsignor Wallin's guilty plea represents an important step in his coming to terms with his own actions and their impact on others,' the Diocese of Bridgeport said in a statement. 

"It is a difficult moment for all of us but we hope it is also the first step in rebuilding his life. We pray that he moves toward healing and wholeness."

The diocese had suspended him from public ministry last May amid concerns by church officials about a number of problems with Wallin, including sexually inappropriate behavior with other men in the church rectory, Wallace said. 

Church leaders weren't aware of Wallin's involvement with drugs at the time of the suspension, diocese spokesman Brian D. Wallace said.

Wallace said Wallin now faces the prospect of removal from the priesthood by the Vatican, a process called laicization.

Arrested: Wallin was last month charged with dealing crystal meth
Wallin was arrested in January, and a grand jury indicted him and four other people on drug charges.

An undercover officer bought meth from Wallin six times from September 20 to January 2, paying more than $3,400 in total for 23 grams of the drug, authorities said.

Federal agents said they learned through wiretaps and informants about other sales Wallin was making.

Wallin allegedly bought the Land of OZ sex shop to launder his drug money

On social media, people couldn't help but compare Wallin with Walter White, the main character on the TV show 'Breaking Bad,' who was making so much cash that he and his wife bought a car wash to launder their profits.

Also charged in the case were Kenneth Devries of Waterbury; Michael Nelson of Manchester; Chad McCluskey of San Clemente, California; and Kristen Laschober of Laguna Niguel, California Authorities say McCluskey and Laschober were involved in the shipping of methamphetamine to Wallin.

All four of those defendants have pleaded not guilty.


Meth-Dealing Catholic Priest Who Owned Porn Shop Plans to Confess Guilt

"Monsignor Meth" allegedly made $300,000 in drug sales

Kevin Wallin, the 61-year-old Connecticut priest nicknamed "Monsignor Meth" after his January 3 arrest for operating a drug-dealing ring, is expected to plead guilty next week to one count of conspiracy, according to news reports.

Wallin was ordained a priest by the Roman Catholic Church in 1984 and worked in Bridgeport and Danbury, Conn., churches until 2011. His intention to plead guilty to one conspiracy charge was made public in a Tuesday court filing.

Prosecutors say Wallin made $300,000 in methamphetamine sales from his apartment and from the parking lot of an adult bookstore he owned. Four alleged accomplices were also arrested in what Connecticut U.S. Attorney David Fein touted as "the dismantling of ... a significant methamphetamine distribution organization that spanned from California to Connecticut."

The bookstore—which sold pornography and sex toys—was believed to be a front business for Wallin to launder his drug money.

According to the Connecticut Post, by pleading guilty Wallin may induce the prosecutor to dismiss six charges of possession with intent to distribute the drug. He may also avoid a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison, the Post reports, by applying for a "safety valve" exception for first-time offenders.

The Hartford Courant reports that Wallin was himself addicted to meth, according to court documents, and at some point before his arrest "was ordered by his employer to enter a rehabilitation program." It's unclear who that employer was, but a spokesman for the Diocese of Bridgeport, which was paying Wallin a stipend until his arrest, said it wasn't the church.

Wallin resigned from his Bridgeport post in June 2011 and was allowed to take a sabbatical. Church authorities reportedly had become alarmed by Wallin's behavior after they discovered he was a cross-dresser and was having sex in the rectory of St. Augustine Cathedral in Bridgeport.

The Connecticut Post reported in January that, according to sources, Wallin "sometimes dressed as a woman, [and] would entertain odd-looking men, some who were also dressed in women's clothing and engaging in sex acts."

A spokesman for the Bridgeport Diocese on Wednesday told the Post: "It is a difficult moment for all of us, but we hope it is also the first step in rebuilding his life. We pray that he moves toward healing and wholeness."

Several publications have noted the uncanny similarity between Wallin's story and the fictional life of Walter White, the main character in the popular AMC show "Breaking Bad." The series, which debuted in 2008, centers on White's transformation from a frustrated and bored school teacher into a wealthy meth-dealing kingpin.

Saturday, January 19, 2013 at 1:00PM by Christine Hsu

(BRIDGEPORT, Conn.) -- A former Roman Catholic priest from Connecticut has fallen from grace after being indicted on charges that he was part of an alleged cross-country crystal methamphetamine drug ring.

Former Monsignor Kevin Wallin, 61, of Waterbury, who was the pastor of the St. Augustine Parish in Bridgeport for nearly a decade, was one of five people indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday for allegedly transporting methamphetamine from Connecticut to California.

Also charged were Kenneth Devries, 52, of Waterbury; Michael Nelson, 40, of Manchester; Chad McCluskey, 43, of San Clemente, Calif.; and Kristen Laschober, 47, of Laguna Niguel, Calif.

Wallin was also charged with six counts of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams of methamphetamine since September, according to court documents.

Law enforcement officials say they believe he received shipments of methamphetamine from the West Coast and resold the drugs out of his apartment in Waterbury, ABC station WABC-TV in New York reported.

In addition, investigators suspect that Wallin may have owned an adult video shop in North Haven called Land of Oz that he allegedly used the store to launder the money he earned selling drugs, according to court documents.

The Diocese of Bridgeport released a statement saying that Wallin resigned as pastor of the Bridgeport parish in 2011, citing health and personal issues, and was granted a sabbatical.

The diocese said that Wallin's "faculties for public ministry were suspended in May 2012, and he has not been reassigned."

Despite that, the diocese continued to pay him a stipend until he was arrested on Jan. 3, the Connecticut Post reported.

Some of his former parishioners are shocked the man they esteemed as a "very honorable man of God" would be involved in such a scandal.

"I feel terrible about it. And we just keep praying from him, that's all. If these allegations are true, we pray he repents, makes his peace with God, like we all have to," a parishioner told ABC affiliate WABC.

If convicted, Wallin faces a minimum of 10 years in prison.

More details here about Kevin Wallin, "Person of INTEREST"!?

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