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The United States of America is undergoing CHANGE. Is it for the betterment of all, or just for those who are willing to play along? Why are U.S.A. citizens being driven into poverty, and who are the culprits? You will have to decide! - www.AmericansNotWanted.com

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Corruption does Cripples, and affects us all! Don't be silent, and know that there are others who share your thoughts of not accepting Corruption in any form or fashion by anyone - www.CorruptionCripples.com


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Houseless, not homeless! It is in so many cases, a dwelling, structure, place, abode and so forth that is missing, not a connection with others. - www.Houseless.org

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Scripture, is the manual for those descended from Adam and Eve. There are many versions of Scripture, but are they all with Truth? Abba, Elohiym loves his creations, but lest us not be so bold as to forsake him. You will have to decide, but do so with help from true Scripture, not man's versions thereof! - www.TruthExposedAndRevealed.com

When those who "Protect & Serve" become MURDERERS: Albuquerque, New Mexico Police execute "Houseless" Man for Illegal Camping - www.ofINTEREST.net

Muderers, Dominque Perez & Kieth Sandy
"Protect & Serve" Officers, Correction,  MURDERERS Dominque Perez and Kieth Sandy. (APD)

James Boyd's last stand
Mr. James M. Boyd with his hands up. Just look at the fire power for "The Houseless".



Albuquerque, New Mexico Police execute "Houseless" Man for Illegal Camping - www.Houseless.org

Not a day goes past that from the East coast to the West coast, North and South, somewhere in the United States of America those who can least afford or, at many times, are undeserving of being harassed, abused, stolen from, deceived, looked over by the system of "Help" in the USA and/or in this case, murdered by POLICE.

The following articles are about 38-year-old James M. Boyd who was fatally wounded (MURDERED) by Albuquerque police in the Sandia Foothills on Sunday, 16 march, 2014. Mr. Boyd, although apparently having some run-ins with police and being described as having mental issues, wasn't given any due process to prove himself innocent. Instead, he was gunned down by well equipped soldiers of the growing "USA Police State" where if you don't comply they way these nasty, demanding, controllers of humans demand, they apparently have no problems sleeping after murdering those who they deem worthless. Some of the police who took part in murdering Mr. Boyd have corrupt past themselves. So why are these nasty, murderous minded people on the "Protect & Serve" citizen paid for force?

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